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John is the owner and senior developer of Blue Bridge.

My Path As A Joomla Developer

This is the first post I've written for Blue Bridge since the first year I was in business around five years ago. A lot has changed since then. When I first started out, I worked primarily with Joomla, but also did Wordpress based sites, web design, PHP consulting, and e-commerce with Magento. I was a freelancer and a generalist and was throwing things up and seeing what stuck.

As time passed, I realized that as a freelancer, I couldn't afford to be a generalist. There were two large reasons leading to this realization:

  1. I care about making excellent solutions and jack-of-all-trades don't have the focus needed to do this.
  2. Generalists suffer from horrible market positioning and have low perceived value.

I dropped everything but Joomla. I also took the time to get certified by Zend for PHP 5 and doubled down on building my development skills. This strategy paid off and even with continually raising rates, I had to routinely turn away clients. The other option was to grow my company and it's something that I resisted doing for a long time.

In 2012, I changed my mind and decided that I not only wanted to grow the company, but that I wanted to build it into something bigger than just one strong developer. I see a lot of opportunity to help businesses and organizations in need of trustworthy and skilled development, to help advance Joomla as a project, and to help individual developers grow their skills in a team environment.

Part of this effort to build something bigger has meant that I have to get out of my little developer shell and reach out to the community. This blog is one of the ways that I intend to do so. The subjects it will cover are all near and dear to my heart: programming, Joomla, and business development. I hope you keep reading and would love to hear any feedback.

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