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As a freelancer, my modus operandi was to provide expert help to a select few clients.  One of the reasons I chose to expand Blue Bridge was to widen this circle of influence and help more people.  In support of that goal, I've spent the last three weeks working on a guide to help businesses find and hire good joomla developers.  This may seem counter intuitive, because I'm helping people locate and hire competitors, but I'm confident in Blue Bridge's ability to deliver a superior solution and, frankly, our average project price is more than what most of the market can afford.  Rather than provide nothing, I'd prefer to help businesses with lower budgets locate other quality Joomla developers to work with.  Check it out:  Joomla Developer - Finding and Hiring Yours.

John is the owner and lead developer of Blue Bridge.  He's contributed to the Joomla project as a JCM author, JUG team leader, and a bug squasher.  In his spare time, he loves to write and read, advance his development and business knowledge, play video games, boulder, and spend time with his girlfriend and their dog Sunny.

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