Support & Maintenance


Few businesses need a full-time developer, but if your website is a key part of your strategy it's critical to have experts available to support and maintain it. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to find skilled developers that you can rely on. We solve this problem by providing 24 hour turnaround from our veteran team on support requests. Not only that, but we will provide regular maintenance to keep your site up-to-date and secure. Learn more about our Joomla support service.

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Extension Development


Depending on their development, Joomla extensions can multiply the power of the platform, or spiral out of control. It's a fun challenge: developing the extension so that it meets your immediate needs, but can accommodate future updates. And don't forget, it must all be done within the constraints of your budget and timeframe. Did we say it was a 'fun challenge?' We did, and we mean it.

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Joomla Hacked?


Things are running smoothly and then all the sudden you notice that something is amiss with your site— it runs slowly or begins to take up lots of space on your server. Often though, it's much more obvious that you've been hacked and your site is completely offline or defaced. It's incredibly frustrating and distracting. We can help though! Our SiteRescue service will get you back on your feet and running smoothly. Learn more here.

Need Regular Help?

Stay at the front of the line. Become a retained client, and get the help you need, when you need it. We'll keep your existing system running smoothly, and ensure that future development integrates seamlessly. Learn more here.

How We Can Help You.




Dynamite Results

Since 2008, we've earned a reputation for anticipating problems and surpassing expectations. We work exclusively in Joomla for a reason; it's where we do our best work. Though we regularly clean up others' work, we relish the chance to plan our projects from the outset. Because we don't need any hand-holding, we routinely reduce our clients' costs over the lifespan of their projects.

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Expert Partners


Though we specialize in Joomla, we approach every project with an open mind. No shortcuts or workarounds, just a custom approach to your project's unique needs. We'll only make suggestions that make sense now, but remain flexible for your future growth. We believe that if we're transparent, responsible and friendly with you now, and we nail your project, you'll call us back for next time.



Long Term Solutions


We're focused on your current needs, but we're always thinking about how our work can serve you in the years ahead. Though we can't see into the future, we can set you up for long-term success with proper structure and good code design. We'd rather do it right the first time, so it works for a long time.