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What Does it Mean When "About Us" Reveals Nothing?

What Does it Mean When "About Us" Reveals Nothing?

The about us page on any company website is always important. It’s here that you’ll find out about the values of the company, their experience, and the founding principles that influence their work. It’s also where you meet the people who contribute their talents to the business and who you will trust with your project.

So, what does it mean when you explore a Joomla Development companies website only to discover that they don’t have an about us page, or the page doesn’t feature a single team member?

Short answer: It’s not a good sign.

Transparency is Paramount When Choosing a Joomla Development Company

Transparency suggests that a company doesn’t have anything to hide.  Whereas, the absence of an about page or featured team members suggests the opposite.
There are several reasons why a company would have an opaque description of themselves.

  1. They’re subbing out the work.  Many times marketing companies will offer Joomla development services, only to sub out the work to freelancers. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that, it does affect the quality of the work you receive. First of all, the company is incentivized to choose the freelancer with the cheapest rates rather than the most talent or experience. Secondly, you will have no direct contact with the developers working on your project and won't benefit from their experience.  Finally, when work is just passed through the results vary so any portfolio work is no guide to the work they might do for you.
  2. They’re not being honest about their experience.  An about page is the perfect opportunity to emphasis past experience and expertise. If a company doesn’t do that, you have to ask yourself why? It is easy for a company to talk in generalities about their capabilities; getting specific about the experience of their developers is how they validate their claims.
  3. They’re unreliable.  This may seem harsh, but if they can’t be upfront in the beginning, what’s the guarantee that they will be mid-project? You don’t want to find out that you’ve picked the wrong company when you have already committed time and money.

Successful Projects Rely on Trust

The success of your project is reliant on the relationship you build with the Joomla Development company.  Without trust, you won’t ever feel comfortable leaving your project in the hands of your developer. And how can you trust someone you don’t know?
If the about page doesn’t reveal as much about the company as you would like, you should keep looking.  There’s a variety of Joomla development companies out there – find one that you can build a relationship with.

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