Hacked Joomla Site Ruining Your Business?

Get it Fixed by Quick Responding Joomla Experts.


Having a website hacked is a frustrating problem that often results in lost sales, brand damage, and customer service headaches. Until you get it fixed it can derail whatever you should be working on.

Some common issues you might be experiencing are:

Spam links and content may suddenly appear to adult sites, pharmaceutical stores, online casinos, and other disreputable corners of the web.

Example of Pharma Hack Output
Pages like this may be hidden in a hacked website.

Your Google search results show products that you don't sell or odd foreign characters. Sometimes your links look normal but redirect visitors to spam websites. Eventually, Google will mark your website with, "This site may be hacked."

Pharma Hack
Search results showing spam for a hacked site.

Pages become broken and littered with weird code and errors.  Some pages may not even load and just show a white screen because changes made by a hacker script are breaking normal files.

Broken Joomla control panel
Strange characters in Joomla control panel.

Your Joomla website may slow to a crawl because of the hacked files calling home to a hacker controlled server every time a page loads.

Statisics of slowing loading hacked Joomla site
Extremely slow loading page.

Your host might take your site offline and email, "We recently found malicious material on your account. The presence of this content violates our terms of service."

Hostgator site restricted message.
Webhost site restricted message.

It can be painstakingly difficult to fix and finding the infected files can take days of work. The worst part is: if you don't get your site cleaned up correctly, it will only get hacked over and over again because hackers litter infected sites with backdoors and other malicious scripts.

You just want to get it back on track and supporting your business as soon as possible... But just figuring out what needs to be done and how to get the site fixed is incredibly challenging by itself.

Get Your Joomla Website Fixed and Running Smoothly

What if you could quickly get your site back to normal... no, BETTER than normal— rock solid stable and protected from future attacks?

Get spam links and content eradicated from your Joomla website. Get your old content loading again so that your site displays exactly as it was designed. Have confidence that your site only has information about what your business offers.

Spam links removed.

Get 100% of the malicious files and changes rooted out and fixed.  Have Joomla experts dive deep into your files and use a variety of tools and techniques to find and remove all the backdoors, Trojans, viruses, and other malware that hackers have hidden in your site.

Malicious files removed from the website.

See Google showing your correct search results and marking your site as safe again.  Know that pages in the search results will correctly send traffic to whatever page visitors are attempting to visit. Visitors will easily access your site again- just like normal.

Google showing website as clean with correct search results.

Have your site loading quickly and reliably serving up your content.  Get any malicious code impacting performance stripped out so that your site is streamlined to deliver only your pages to your visitors.

Hacked Joomla sped up once fixed

Get Joomla bulletproofed and impenetrable from future attacks.  Have the vulnerabilities that caused the hack in the first place patched, a security audit performed, and security software installed. Learn how to keep your site secure and running smoothly in the future.

Joomla secured from hack icon

The changes hackers make to a site are diabolically sneaky. Finding professionals who know Joomla security well enough that you can trust them to quickly get you back on your feet seems impossible. But these sorts of attacks happen every day. Surely someone out there knows exactly how to handle hacked Joomla sites?!


We can help! We do this and more.

The SiteRescue Process

Backup Site

We backup your files and database prior to starting work to ensure against any ongoing trouble caused by the hack.

Remove Malware

We scan your Joomla site using special tools that expose viruses and other malware.

Clean System

We examine the file system and database for files and records inserted by hackers because of the attack and remove these to prevent further damage.

Fix Vulnerabilities

We patch up the vulnerabilities that caused your Joomla site to be hacked so that it cannot be hacked again using the same trick.

Update Joomla

We update all vulnerable extensions and the Joomla core with any security patches available for your major version (Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5, or Joomla 3).

Perform Security Audit

We audit your site for weaknesses that might expose the site to successful attacks in the future and harden it against those attacks.

Remove From Blacklists

If your site has been blacklisted by a service or search engine, we reach out on your behalf to get it removed from that list.

Provide Recommendations

We provide you with the education, tools, and information you need to keep it secure in the future.

Help You Can Rely On

We warranty your site for 90 days. If your site is hacked again within 90 days of us fixing it, we will recover it free of charge, and warranty it again for an additional 90 days.

We have been in business for 8 years, are Joomla experts, and have recovered all kinds of sites, large and small.

Mike, a hacked Joomla client
We are very happy with the results that Blue Bridge achieved during our Site Rescue. I feel very confident that our site is updated with the most recent Joomla code and security protections. They kept me updated and even worked with our other providers related to their questions and concerns. A+ plus for customer service and technology knowledge.
Michael Corkery, CEO, Pool Guard Manufacturing
Hacked website recovery client Glen
Blue Bridge literally saved our website and online reputation. We had serious hacking issues that was crippling our online presence, business and unfortunately offending all of our visitors and potential customers. They were quick to respond to our needs, extremely helpful and explained the process in a way we could understand... We are very happy with their service and recommend them.
Glen G., Ogden Pioneer Days
SiteRescue client Adam
Blue Bridge worked hard and they were very responsive. I have the utmost confidence that we've eradicated all the hacks on my site and I feel much better about it surviving future attacks. Great work!
Adam Haid, Haid Consulting
Blue Bridge helped me with my hacked site by updating my website to a more recent version of Joomla. They were attentive, helpful and knowledgeable. Their communication through email was thorough and prompt. Having experienced problems in the past, it has been most refreshing to have this project completed on time, with competence and careful attention to detail. I will definitely use Blue Bridge for further projects!
Helen, MindOverDyslexia.ca


How much will it cost to recover my site?

98% of Joomla SiteRescues are done at a flat rate.  However, we don't currently disclose our pricing for the service on our website because some websites have to be priced differently due to their unique requirements.

How long will it take to recover my site?

Most websites are recovered and secured in 24 hours.

My site has a WordPress blog – does that affect anything?

Yes, any other application on your server can open vulnerabilities that impact your Joomla site. In other words, your blog can be hacked and actually placed malware on your Joomla site or vice versa. Because of this, any recovery with an additional application like a WordPress blog doubles the work to be accomplished. We price this as an add-on to the service.

Can you help me make other changes to my site?

SiteRescue is solely for recovering hacked websites. Afterwards, if you're interested, we can provide estimates on any additional changes you would like to make.

I'm concerned about my site speed. Will this improve it?

Occasionally, a hacked site will slow down due to an attacker placed script. Removing it will improve site speed. However, this situation occurs only some of the time.

Are there any extra costs?

Any commercial plug-ins or extensions that you have installed that are vulnerable and need to be upgraded are added to the service fee. You will be notified prior to purchase of these plug-ins or extensions so that you can sign off on them in advance. (We don't want to surprise you.)

How is payment handled?

You can pay for the service via credit card or PayPal.