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Case Studies

Problem: A client with an educational site approach us with a challenge. They were developing a new line of video content and their members weren't watching them. In the meantime, their content team was continually producing videos and this was creating a huge backlog of content that wasn't...

Stuck In a Bad Relationship A startup founder approached Blue Bridge for the reason that many people do: they were unhappy with their current web development provider. They were extremely slow and weren't able to make changes to the application they developed without breaking it. The founder...

We checked in with one of our previous clients at a management consultancy to see how things were going. We knew from previous check-ins that they were interested in doing a website redesign and learned that they had actually started that project with another agency. The president said that she...

Strategic Insight to Evolve The CEO of a financial news site approached us to expand their audience by developing a new website for financial advisors. He thought they could shortcut this process by taking a content category from their existing news site and using it as a base to build on. He...

What had the most impact on their revenue? In one of the strategy calls we had with the client, we asked them about what the key metrics in their business were? What were the numbers that had the most impact on their revenue? As a publisher for the largest financial news site in their niche, a key...

Problem: A startup co-founder approached us with a question: would it be possible to take parts of a process their staff were doing on their website and automate them? "Sure," we told them, "But what are you trying to accomplish?"

Website development

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Sanofi Medical Affairs

We built a network of six sites for Sanofi Medical Affairs. Each site there within a consistent theme but had a unique style and was managed by a different Sanofi team. Some of the features of the sites:

  • Search for medical liaison by region.
  • Webinar registration.
  • Event management.
  • Administrator event logging.
  • Custom mail relays.
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Jespersen & Associates

We provided web development for medical communications partner, Jespersen and Associates. Their design was very clean and they wanted some unique visual functionality to spice things up. Some of the features:

  • Their logo spells different words when you hover over the navigation ("work", "play", etc.)
  • When you load the home screen a pot appears and is pulled out of view by a lobster.
  • A mobile friendly animated portfolio.
  • A blog.
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Green Chemistry Group

We provided web development for the trade group, Green Chemistry Group. We implemented an attractive and mobile from a design that allowed them to present information about their group and conferences.

  • Search for medical liaison by region.
  • Webinar registration.
  • Event management.
  • Administrator event logging.
  • Custom mail relays.
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Aniwoman Diagram

The Aniwoman diagram was a visual tool developed for a healthcare client. It shows/highlights different parts of an anatomical torso and displays different information whenever those parts are selected in an acordion style text area.

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UroToday is a complex website that we built and expanded over several years. Some of its features:

  • Integration of a clinical trial data from a government database that is reformatted to be more visually appealing and searchable.
  • Key opinion leader sections to curate content and provided tutorials.
  • A mobile friendly mega menu that organizes their huge content database.
  • Video lectures and conference coverage.
  • Sticky sidebars and headers to maintain visual display of advertisement partners.
  • Management of online articles access from their print journals.
  • Hosted email newsletter management.
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Vell & Associates

Vell & Associates

We completed a website redesign for Vell and Associates. This was a next-generation of a the website to improve their branding. Some of the features of the website:

  • Job listing management.
  • Job listing search.
  • Blog integration.
  • Mobile friendly design.
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What people are saying about us

Gina Joomla Testimonial

"We were delighted with the quality and timeliness... The preciseness of the applications developed and the speed of the project turnaround have yielded cost savings to the company within 3 months..."

– Gina C., President, Digital Science Press
Dora Vell Joomla Testimonial

"I hired Blue Bridge to develop our website. They were a pleasure to work with, very responsive, cared about my requirements, and delivered on an aggressive schedule. They get it. I recommend them without hesitation."

– Dora Vell, President, Vell Executive Search
Caitlin Joomla Testimonial

"We enjoy working with Blue Bridge and value their professionalism and strong communication. They're great at asking the right questions to understand the larger issues and planning for the future. The trust we have in them has made it easy to take on technical projects with confidence. We recommend them to others who need competent and reliable development partners."

– Caitlin H., Account Manager, Jespersen & Associates
Carolyn Joomla Testimonial

"We needed quick, error-less programming; we needed clear advice about our options for Joomla extensions; we needed tutorials and support to help our staff maintain the site once the basics were online. Blue Bridge delivered on all counts with professionalism and excellence."

– Carolyn Harper Knox, Ph.D., C.A.T.E. Director, University of Oregon
Keith Joomla Testimonial

"I have undertaken a number of projects using people I connected with on the Internet and was pleasantly surprised by John's no-nonsense approach to completing a project for us.... they actually delivered on-time and within budget."

– Keith W., CEO, Naut'sa mawt Resources Group
Kristen Joomla Testimonial

"Looking for the perfect company to take your online presence to the next level? STOP! You just found them. Blue Bridge immediately understood our needs, created a systematic plan to achieve our goals, and exceeded our expectations. Perfection!"

– Kristen McDonnell, Marketing Director at Got Light
Ed Joomla Testimonial

"I wanted experts... and I found that in Blue Bridge. Their knowledge of the platform, its best practices and the developer community enabled them to produce an excellent piece of work. Their code was so clean that I subsequently hired them to produce a sample PHP client class which we now deliver to developers who use our API. I heartily recommend Blue Bridge Development!"

– Ed P., Software Engineering Manager, Monotype Imaging Corp.
Jason Joomla Testimonial

"Blue Bridge has been taking care of our foundation for years. Over that time, they have gone above and beyond to provide customized support, fast incident responses, and suggestions on how we can optimize our system and special configuration. The technicians have all been wonderful, very capable and communicative. We recommend Blue Bridge to anyone who needs quality, customer-focused support for their IT needs."

– Jason Sears, Executive Director NW Sarcoma

"Not being in the tech field, it took us 2 years to find our first programmer. Deadlines were often missed, work quality was poor and we were constantly getting upcharged. We stayed because we didn’t know any better. After stumbling on the Blue Bridge, we were impressed with their focus on educating the consumer. From the get go, Blue Bridge has exceeded our expectations. They have made honest recommendations based on our needs, not their profit margin. Their work product is on point, communication is constant, and all tasks were completed in a timely manner. We highly recommend working with them. "

– Ben Carp, WarriorMG