On Demand Support For Your Business

Have you ever had a web development project completed for your business and at the conclusion the developer acted like, "Here's your bill. You're on your own. Don't email me"?

Are you tired of working with developers that have to be spoonfed instructions?

Most aggravating of all is the flakiness! Developers drop off the radar when you need them only to get an email a week later that begins with, "Sorry, something came up..."

If you don't have someone that you can rely on to look out for your business your website can get neglected and fall out of date making it vulnerable to being hacked.

However, as a business owner it doesn't make sense to hire someone on for IT and maintenance.

But what if you had access to skilled developers that actually stuck around and responded promptly to your requests for help? Developers who communicated clearly? Developers that you could depend on when you're website needed work and actually prevented problems by keeping it up-to-date and secure?

We can help! Our support services provides exactly that!

We are expert developers that provide ongoing support for your site so that it never holds your business back.


  • Guarantee that you'll receive help within 24 hours of asking. Most support responses are within a few hours for non-emergencies.
  • Keep your site up-to-date.
  • Perform routine security scans
  • Set up and test recurring backups.
  • Monitor for issues.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Head off trouble before it becomes trouble.
  • And when something needs to be changed or added to your website, you get help quickly without having to waste time tracking down a developer, vetting them, and working your way into their schedule.

How does the Support Service Work?

Support is ongoing and works off a monthly cycle. It starts with...

Setup Once you begin the maintenance package with us we install and configure backup and security software. Then we begin periodically checking your site to make sure it is secure and up-to-date.

Support When you have a problem, question, or need help making a change you can reach out to us via email or by entering a support ticket into our ticket system. We'll track your issue with a ticket so that we can make sure everyone on our team stays on top of your request until it's resolved.

Reports At the end of the month, we'll email you a report that explains what was accomplished the previous month on your behalf. It will tell you:

  • The number of core and extension updates.
  • The number of attacks blocked by the security software.
  • The issues resolved for you in support tickets.
  • Comments on the site's status.
  • Recommendations to improve your site's performance.
Work Performed Demo Report

What Sort of Things Can You Use Support for?

Any individual task for your website that doesn't require extensive planning is likely a support task.

These include things like:

  • Adding new pages and articles to a site.
  • Adding or changing menu items.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Installing and configuring extensions.
  • Tweaking templates.
  • Adding or changing forms.
  • Answering questions.
  • Adding downloads like catalogs or white papers
    (PDF's, Docs, etc.)
  • Updating advertisements.
  • Adding or editing events for your website's event
  • Updating your template's slideshow with new images
    or content.
  • Fixing broken links.
    ... and more.
Jason Joomla Testimonial

"Blue Bridge has been taking care of our foundation for years. Over that time, they have gone above and beyond to provide customized support, fast incident responses, and suggestions on how we can optimize our system and special configuration. The technicians have all been wonderful, very capable and communicative. We recommend Blue Bridge to anyone who needs quality, customer-focused support for their IT needs."

– Jason Sears, Executive Director NW Sarcoma
Joe Kreuzman Testimonial

"Blue Bridge has been a valuable partner for Coyote Trails. The support team responds quickly and with a level of professionalism not easily found in web services. Most importantly they know what they are doing and find proper solutions rapdily..."

– Joe Kreuzman, Coyote Trails
Adam Clement Testimonial

Finding good reliable (and fast acting when needed) web experts is not easy. Blue Bridge has been a welcome find. Previous developers would be slow to act and at times needed to refer issues to 'specialists' which further delayed fixes. I love that the staff work as a team to resolve issues that crop up (or that I might cause) exceptionally quickly.
Highly recommended!

– Adam Clement, Gevenalle

Stop worrying about "what if" scenarios and gain the peace of mind knowing that you have skilled developers on-call and monitoring your website.


Questions (and Answers)

What does it cost?

Good question. We don't currently post the cost on our site, but we're a fraction of the cost you would pay for an experienced part-time developer and provide much better service and at a higher skill level.

How is payment handled?

Payment is completed via credit or debit card at the beginning of the first month of service and is set up so that it recurs every following month.

Who is Blue Bridge?

We are a team of expert developers based out of Portland Oregon. We have built custom plug-ins, digital products, written for the community magazine, participated in bug squashing, and contributed as user group leaders.

How long has Blue Bridge been in business?

We have been in business 12+ years and were founded in 2008.

What kind of customers use your service?

We count among our customers small businesses, universities, startups, nonprofits, and marketing firms.

What happens if my site is hacked while you are managing it?

We recover it free-of-charge

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a service agreement that we sign at the start of service.

Do I have to sign up for a year?

No, the service is provided month-to-month and you can stop service at the beginning of any month. If you're not happy after a few months, you are under no constraint to continue using our service.

How are cancellations handled?

You can cancel the service at any time and we will complete the support cycle for that month and you will not be billed again.

Where are cloud backups stored?

We backup your site in secure archives to a protected Amazon S3 Storage service.

What if I need something that takes longer than the time allowed for in the service?

We complete larger tasks on a project basis that are scoped and scheduled independent of our support service.

Do you make recommendations when changes would help?

Yes, we consider ourselves your tech partners and provide regular recommendations on how you can improve your website and better support your goals.